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    AI Frontline Service Customerized Marketing Content In-Store Promotional Tool

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    AI Frontline Service Customerized Marketing Content In-Store Promotional Tool

[reccobox] is a Frontline Service Technology for Retail Marketing

Providing values to both in-store shoppers and retailers

  • [reccobox] communicates marketing content directly to in-store shoppers.

  • [reccobox] interacts with in-store shoppers and influence them at the 1st moment of truth.

  • [reccobox] saves cost by AI frontline services such as recommendations & marketing info provision.

How It Works


[Reccobox] is a retail marketing solution that enables manufacturing and retail brands to communicate customerized marketing content directly to shoppers by using data obtained from sensing and interpreting the individualities and actions of shoppers as well as curating data from relevant repositories and media sources. Based on AI technology, [Reccobox] interacts with in-store shoppers and attempts to both entertain and influence them at their first moment of truth (the moment of purchase). The marketing contents and subsequent interaction produced by [Reccobox] can provide very relevant information and sentiment to influence the shopper’s purchase decision.

  • Store Data Realtime Sales Ranking
    Weekly Ranking
    New Product Ranking
  • Expert Data Bloggers
  • Social Media Data Data Crawling
    Global Trends
    Local Trends
  • Curation
  • Customeried Content Curation


Optimized display panel for effective info delivery
Display panel is optimized for the store and the usability of shoppers.
Recommendations system based on market trends
Our customerized content curation based on social media trends generates multiple types of beneficial and entertaining contents and provides recommendations to shoppers.
Product info finder based on AI technology
Shoppers can find product & promotion info by simply capturing the product.


Boost RevenueConvince in-store shoppers at the first moment of truth Automate LaborDeccease labor cost by providing automated Retain CustomerBetter engage shoppers by providing optimized Gain InsightsDiscover new purchase patterns by sensing

Our Projects

  • LCD Panel

    Promotion & Recommend Display

    - Engages shoppers by exhibiting promotional info - Elicits purchase behavior providing customerized ranking content

  • Sensing Cameras Product AI Reader

    Product AI Finder

    - Provides product info upon camera capture



    Product Information & Recommendation

Next Step

  • Additional modules of Frontline Service Technology (FST):
  • Log-in system for privacy
  • Customerized frontline service and in-store CRM
  • Realtime communication
  • Automated inventory & store management
Shopper Log-In and Shopper Analysis
Based on privacy acts, we collect shoppers’ data when they logged into the sensing space. Collected data can be behavioral, emotional, and cognitive.
Customerized Frontline Service
Registered customers are sensed and provided by more sophisticated, customerized services.
Realtime Communication Using Wi-Fi
Through Wi-Fi, shoppers are connected to interactive promotion site and AI messenger.
Automated Inventory & Store Management
Various types of insights are provided for retailers in innovate their management of inventory, human resource, and selves.

About Us

Reccobox by [EIG Austin, LLC] develops Frontline Service Technology (FST). Reccobox’s FST provides new interface and interaction to the traditional retail stores based on AI technology.


In-Store Customerization of Brand Communication

  • Our Vision

    We enhance the wellness of shoppers by providing beneficial and customerized contents in retail shelves at the first moment of truth.

  • Brand Essence

    Reccobox enhances the capability of brand and retailer to customize their frontline services through the interactions that its AI technology initiates.



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